Solaria will generate more than 4,000 jobs in the province of Guadalajara with its 626MW Cifuentes-Trillo photovoltaic complex

07 May 2021


Solaria, a leading company in the development and generation of photovoltaic solar energy in southern Europe, will install the largest photovoltaic plant in Europe in the province of Guadalajara, in the municipalities of Budia, Cifuentes, Peralveche, San Andrés del Rey and Trillo, with 626MW, generating sustainable and green energy and creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs during and after construction. For this reason, the company plans to invest 220 million euros in the project.

Strong commitment to the local economy

Castilla-La Mancha is and will continue to be one of Solaria’s main commitments to sustainable development.
More than 4,000 direct jobs will be generated during the construction phase and another 50 additional direct permanent jobs linked to operation and maintenance tasks. Priority will always be given to hiring local workers. In addition, local farmers and workers will also be involved in clearing and adapting the land.
Solaria also continues to actively participate in the fight against depopulation in all rural areas.

According to Mr. Enrique Diaz Tejeiro, President of Solaria: “We consider it essential to fix population in the villages where the Cifuentes – Trillo photovoltaic project will be located, that is why our commitment is very high when it comes to support those families who want to settle in these villages with a permanent job in the maintenance of our parks, they will have all the help and resources that are necessary”.

In addition, it is expected that hundreds of indirect jobs will be created during both the construction and operation phases. For Solaria, it is essential to employ and generate activity for the entire local and regional business network and, in general, for the whole province of Guadalajara: construction, painting, welding, electricity, hardware stores, repair shops, heavy vehicles, earthmoving companies, etc.

On the other hand, the mobilisation of 4,000 workers will have very positive effects on sectors that have suffered so much during this pandemic and that urgently need support for a quick recovery: bars, restaurants, hostels, hotels, rural houses, rented flats, commerce in general, etc.

Solaria is a company of Castilian-La Mancha origin, which is why it is fully committed to Castilla la Mancha.

“In the coming weeks we will announce additional investments and collaboration agreements with Guadalajara; we are already working on several initiatives related to the environment, training and the integration of renewable energies in the local environment. Solaria is coming to Guadalajara to stay, that is why we want to be part of and integrate into society, with its towns and its people. We will also make a very positive contribution to the regional economy through the payment of taxes, which are estimated to exceed 40 million euros during the useful life of the projects”, says Diaz-Tejeiro.

Commitment to the environment

The company is firmly committed to the environment. Therefore, in order to respect the biodiversity of the area and achieve maximum integration with the environment, the park has been divided into 13 plants of approximately 50MW distributed in different areas. In addition, it should be noted that the environmental impact of all the plants has been assessed jointly under a single Environmental Impact Study in which all the facilities are analysed as a whole.

Likewise, and due to the construction process followed by the company, the facilities do not have a negative impact on the soil, helping to regenerate the topsoil and recover the land, which, as it has a low agrological capacity, is compatible with the installation of solar plants. The installations also do not have a negative environmental impact on the existing flora and fauna. To this end, Solaria, given its commitment to sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity, carries out a large number of specific detailed studies. In order to prevent any impact, additional compensatory measures are taken, such as the following: Installation of nests, reforestation, obligation to maintain a vegetation layer, grazing, etc. Furthermore, Solaria’s plants do not produce any type of noise, air, chemical, light or odour pollution.

An example of energy transition in Spain and Europe

The complex will be connected to the Trillo electricity substation (400 kV), where the nuclear power plant in the area is also connected, positioning Solaria and Castilla-La Mancha as pioneers in promoting the energy transition in Spain and Europe, which envisages the gradual shutdown of nuclear energy, to be replaced by other renewable alternatives.

The commissioning of the plants will enable the supply of clean energy to more than 370,000 homes per year, which will cover the energy needs of the entire province of Guadalajara. In addition, it will prevent the emission of around 250,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

In this sense, Solaria, as a green energy generating company, contributes to the reduction of electricity dependence and to the fulfilment of the objectives of the European Union, including the European Green Pact, supported by the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) 2021-2030, to reduce emissions in 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

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