Projects will be carried out together with the Italian company Enrisol S.r.l, leader distributor that belongs to the German Company FrankenSolar Group.

Solaria has significantly increased its sales on international markets, especially in Germany and Italy, where it has sold more than 25 MW second generation photovoltaic modules in 2011

Madrid, 27th June 2011


Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente, S.A. has signed up a strategic agreement with the Italian company Enrisol S.r.l ( to supply 10 MW of second generation photovoltaic modules to be distributed in the Italian market along the last three quarters of 2011 and other 10 MW for big projects.

Through this agreement, the Italian company Enrisol will have second generation photovoltaic modules with the best features in both, power efficiency as well as mechanical and corrosion resistance, even in salty environments. These photovoltaic modules of Solaria have enabled trading certifications for Europe (TÃœV), USA (UL 1703), Canada (ULC-ORD-C1703), UK (MCS) and Israel (IEC: Israel Electrical Corporation) and have passed the salt fog trial IEC 61701.


Solaria continues to strengthen its presence in growing international markets. The company has significantly increased its sales in Germany and Italy, markets where since the beginning of 2011, it has already sold more than 25 MW second generation photovoltaic modules.

Solaria has a strong presence in Germany and Italy counting with sales offices in Freiburg (Germany) and Genova (Italy), as well as a solid distribution network built last year. Moreover, thanks to the companys strong commitment to internationalization, new markets are being opened in key areas such as Middle East, North America and Latin America. According to David Carrasco, Commercial Director Solaria, this new project “is one more example of the continued companys sales growth as a consequence of a firm internationalization process with good expectations to the future.”


About Solaria

Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente designs, manufactures, installs and distributes photovoltaic and thermal solutions for benefiting from solar energy. Its rapid expansion and technological innovation have positioned it in only a few years as one of the leading companies in the renewable energies industry. Solaria”s privileged situation in the market reflects an ongoing search for innovation that results in a dynamic organization, a solid financial structure and an efficient distribution, marketing and sales network. Solaria achieved in 2010 a net result of .5 million and an EBITDA amounting 8 million (44% growth). Total sales reached 61.3 million, up 81% compared to 2009. Throughout 2010 the company added 26 MWp to its generation portfolio, an increase of 118% in grid-connected power from the previous year.

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