Solaria and the Guadalajara Red Cross sign a collaboration agreement to promote training and employment in clean technologies

Guadalajara, 11 February 2022

Solaria has reached a collaboration agreement with the Guadalajara Red Cross that consists of mutual support for the recruitment of people through subcontractors or companies with which Solaria works in the construction phase of photovoltaic plants in the province of Guadalajara, as well as the training and education of people in the assembly of structures, electrical connections and civil works.

For this purpose, the companies with which Solaria works will rely on the Employment Plan of the Red Cross Guadalajara for the selection of personnel. This agreement was materialized yesterday, February 10th, in a meeting between the heads of both entities that took place at the headquarters of the Red Cross Guadalajara.

Carmen Hernández, President of the Provincial Committee of the Guadalajara Red Cross, and Fernando Sánchez Bódalo, Head of Institutional Relations for Castilla-La Mancha of Solaria, were in charge of signing the collaboration agreement between both entities, which aims to improve the employability of people participating in the Red Cross employment programmes.

Solaria is the leading company in the development and generation of photovoltaic solar energy in southern Europe and has decided to invest in our region.

Also present at the signing ceremony were Ana Carolina Ferreiro, President of the Local Assembly of the Red Cross in Cifuentes, Sandra de Linos, Head of Sustainability at Solaria, and the Mayor of Cifuentes, Marco Antonio Campos, who stressed the importance of this agreement and of Solaria’s commitment to his municipality, which will provide jobs in the area.

The signing of this agreement took place within the framework of the Red Cross statewide campaign “It’s really not funny” with the “pen that writes the future”. This campaign seeks to unite people and companies for equal opportunities and equal treatment in employment and for the promotion of talent. In this sense, the Red Cross is in charge of providing materials and sessions that promote awareness and equality, as well as the dissemination of inclusive messages among the companies’ staff.

In the words of Sandra de Linos, Head of Sustainability at Solaria, “Thanks to this collaboration we continue to create local employment and fight against rural depopulation in the areas where we develop our photovoltaic plants. In addition, we promote the employability of people with greater difficulties with the aim of improving their social and labour integration”.

For its part, the Red Cross of Guadalajara adds that “This agreement is an opportunity to train and employ young people in the rural world and development in rural areas”.

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