Solaria’s CEO invests five million euros in the last nine months and raises his stake above 2.2%.

  • Arturo Díaz-Tejeiro Larrañaga has bought 280,000 shares in the last 9 months.

August 3, 2022

The CEO of Solaria, Arturo Díaz-Tejeiro Larrañaga, continues to bet on the company and has bought 100,000 shares at a price of 20.85 euros per share, as reported to the CNMV today.

This transaction is in addition to those carried out by the executive at the end of 2021 and in June of this year, adding a total of 280,000 shares in the last nine months. Likewise, it should be noted that Arturo Díaz-Tejeiro Larrañaga does not receive any remuneration, either as a director or as CEO, nor does he have any stock option programme.

This new purchase is a clear commitment by Arturo Díaz-Tejeiro Larrañaga to the company, which aims to reach 18 GW by 2030. The company will present its first-half results on September 22.

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