Solaria”s R&D department updates with the latest technological advances its high-efficiency solar PV cells line aiming at doubling current production output.

This plan includes an automation project that together with the resulting increased efficiencies will make possible cost reductions in the range of approximately 8%.

Thanks to these enhancements in innovation and development, Solaria will continue offering innovative, high efficiency and quality products to its customers.

Madrid, 18 July, 2011


Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente, S.A. has launched a new project of technological improvement in the solar PV cells manufacturing line of its Puertollano facilities as part of its vertical integration strategy within the solar photovoltaic value chain. These technological measures will render a cost reduction for the company, which is aiming at doubling its current PV cell production capacity, as well as increasing cell efficiencies. The advances in innovation and development, will keep Solaria on its track of offering to its customers renewed products that are a result of the company”s commitment towards an ongoing improvement of its product portfolio.

In order to implement this project of high technological value, Solaria has chosen Centrotherm ( as a technology partner. Centrotherm is a landmark hi-tech company that is highly regarded within the PV industry. At an initial stage, the currently existing solar PV cells line has been updated with the latest state-of-the-art technological advances. During the second stage of the project another next-generation production line will be set up. In a final stage, a group of High-Efficiency specific equipments will be added.

In words of Miguel Angel Velasco, Solarias Industrial Director, these improvements are “just another example of the company”s ongoing investment in innovation and development as well as a demonstration of the company”s bet on cost reduction.

The increased production capacity of the plant and the manufacturing of high efficiency cells will significantly benefit Solarias customer base by offering optimum quality and efficiency products.


The company carries out ongoing investments in R&D aimed at maintaining the technological leadership already applied in the manufacturing of modules and the delivery of turnkey projects for its own assets as well as for third parties. These investments have enabled to provide all the production facilities with next-generation industrial machinery.

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