Solaria and the Basque Energy Agency set up Indarberri, a company to jointly develop photovoltaic solar energy projects

24 June 2022

Solaria, a leading company in the development and generation of photovoltaic solar energy in southern Europe, and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), have set up Indarberri, a company to jointly develop photovoltaic solar energy projects and other renewable energy generation projects. The signing ceremony was attended by Iñigo Ansola and Darío López, general managers of EVE and Solaria, respectively.

Thanks to this company, 70% owned by Solaria and 30% by EVE, Indarberri will develop, build and operate two 50 MW photovoltaic plants in Araba (the plants will occupy land in Arratzua-Ubarrundia, Barrundia, Elburgo/ Burgelu, Vitoria Gasteiz). These solar photovoltaic plants will generate green energy, which will be available to companies in the Basque Country at very competitive prices.

According to Darío López, CEO of Solaria, “We are proud to collaborate with the Ente Vasco de la Energía. We have a common goal: to offer green energy in the Basque Country in order to replace polluting energies with other renewable alternatives and to lead the energy transition. Thanks to this collaboration, we will achieve this”.

The director general of EVE, Iñigo Ansola, celebrated the fact that, thanks to this project, the Basque Country will take a quantitative step forward in the use of solar energy, not in vain, “these are two plants, each of which doubles the installed capacity of the Ekian plant (Erriberabeitia). Our efforts are focused on supporting investment in new photovoltaic and wind power complexes that enable clean energy production”.

Euskadi 2030 Energy Strategy

This agreement responds to the roadmap set out in the Basque Country Energy Strategy 2030 with the aim of achieving an increasingly sustainable energy system in terms of competitiveness, security of supply and low carbon.


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