Solaria's Chairman, Enrique Díaz-Tejeiro, together with Ricardo Mourinho Félix, Vice-President of the EIB.


SOLARIA ENERGÍA Y MEDIO AMBIENTE, S.A. (“SOLARIA”), (, a Spanish company founded in 2002 and listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, obtained net sales of € 15,874 thousand in 2016, as well as an EBITDA of € 12,419 thousand Euros and a net profit of 8,026 thousand euros.

The EBITDA ratio on sales (EDITDA margin) is improving very favorably, going from 63% in 2015 to 78% in 2016.

These are positive results of the new business model focused on the generation of renewable energy and optimization of costs.

The issue and placement of the Globosol Bond on May 4, 2016 in the Alternative Market for Fixed Income (MARF) for an amount of 45.3 million euros, at 4.20% interest and maturities in January 2037 has allowed the restructuring of the Financial debt and endowed the Solaria Group with greater investment capacity.

The two new photovoltaic plants that the company is building in Uruguay (Yarnel and Natelu), with a peak power of 22.7 MWp, represent a considerable increase in the perimeter of Grupo Solaria in terms of MWp of 60%.

These two new plants will not only reduce Grupo Solaria’s exposure to the European market in terms of generating capacity, but also increase the visibility of the results and the quality of the generation mix.

2016 has marked for Grupo Solaria the beginning of a new expansionary period focused on the development and operation of new photovoltaic solar farms, as well as the optimization of its current cost structure.

Grupo Solaria has a solid portfolio of up to 868 MW under development in different countries in Latin America and Europe on which it will sustain this new phase of development and growth.

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SOLARIA develops, runs and operates photovoltaic power plants worldwide.

Founded in 2002, SOLARIA’s shares have been listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange since 2007. SOLARIA, which has participated in the entire value chain of photovoltaic activity, has successfully developed more than 150 MWp in Europe and Latin America, becoming a An integrated operator and a leading player in the photovoltaic sector. This solid technical background provides a unique positioning to act as a vehicle for investment in photovoltaic energy worldwide, with a portfolio of assets of photovoltaic power generation above 70 MWp in Europe and Latin America.

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