For a greener world

The time for green energy is now

We are a leading company in the development and generation of solar photovoltaic energy in southern Europe, with the aim of actively contributing to decarbonization and making the global energy model based on clean energy, putting the sustainable approach in our strategy and business management.

We aim to have installed 18 GW of emission-free energy by 2030, in line with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Since our beginnings in 2002, we have specialized in renewable energies and, more specifically, in the implementation and development of solar photovoltaic technology, from the manufacture of photovoltaic panels to the development and management of solar plants.

We have a long history on the Spanish stock exchange, where we have been listed since 2007. In 2020, we have culminated this path with our entry into the Spanish IBEX 35 stock exchange.

Solaria is born

Specializing in the field of solar-photovoltaic energy, specifically in the manufacturing of solar modules.

Trading on the stock market

In 2007, Solaria became the first company in the solar-power industry to be admitted to trading on the Madrid stock exchange.

Solaria abandons manufacturing activity

Solaria chose to close its modulemanufacturing plants to focus on the generation of solar power.

Successful refinancing

Solaria concluded the refinancing of all its assets in Spain through the issuance of project bonds and was awarded 250 MW in Spain’s renewable-energy auction.

New strategic plan

The plan called for the installation of 1,300 MW in solar power up to 2021.

Capital increase

Announcement of accelerated bookbuild of €96.8mn at €5.80.

First PPA signed

Solaria signed its first PPA with Repsol.

Promotion of ESG

Solaria assimilated and bolstered ESG criteria in its strategy through a series of measures and targets.

Solaria on the IBEX 35

In October 2020, Solaria was included on Spain’s stock-market index of the 35 top listed companies.

Update of the Strategic Plan

In line with Solaria’s growth projections outside Spain, the strategic plan has been updated with the objective of reaching 18GW by 2030.


New offices in Italy

  • Solaria celebrates its 20th anniversary, with various events included in the “Solaria Conference Cycle”.
  • The incorporation of Indarberri, a new company in the Basque Country to develop projects in this territory.
  • Admission onto the Board of Trustees of the Elcano Royal Institute.
  • 1,000 MW connected
  • Capital Market Day: visit to one of the largest photovoltaic complexes in Europe, the Cifuentes-Trillo 626MW project.
  • Obtaining 1,200 MW of connection points in Spain.
  • Solaria obtains the highest ESG classification of the MSCI rating, up from A to AAA, becoming one of the most sustainable energy companies in the world.
  • Solaria closes the first merchant financing with Banco Sabadell for 290 MW under the criteria of the Green Loan Principles.


Our mission is to promote the development of the use of sunlight as an energy source by transforming knowledge and experience into innovative solutions that contribute to the well-being and progress of humanity, promoting sustainable economic development and reducing environmental impact, positioning ourselves as leaders through our experience, transparency, flexibility, profitability and quality.

Strategic Lines

Our high degree of specialization and experience make us a reference in the development of photovoltaic solar energy. We manage plants in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Uruguay and Greece and have a pipeline of more than 14,200 MW.

One of our strengths is that, thanks to our track record and medium size, we are very agile in negotiating with suppliers, administrations and looking for connection points. In addition, we have a highly qualified team. These factors represent a considerable advantage in terms of time and costs.

We also finance our projects through Project Finance, a long-term financing modality limited to the evolution of the projects, being debt without recourse to the parent company, and we carry out the development and maintenance of the plants in-house, thus reducing the investment and operating costs. 

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Solaria is committed to the environment and seeks to attain a balance between the resources we use and the environment.

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Solaria, as a sector leader, is among the top names in its field, and is recognised for its excellence in solvency, quality, technology, sustainable growth, ideas and persons.

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Solaria is a transparent company, with customers and shareholders who trust us, because we always do what we say and because we honour our commitments.

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Creativity and intelligence are applied to the ongoing search for new integral solutions that meet the needs of a changing global context.

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Good is never good enough for Solaria, and added-value solutions must surpass our customers’ expectations. Excellence drives our company.

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Solaria is aware that each person has a unique talent and that we must strive to make full use of this diversity to create synergies in our day-to-day work.