The agreement includes three projects in Spain: A photovoltaic plant in Albacete and two industrial rooftop installations in two industrial premises in Barcelona

All the projects will use Solaria second generation modules.

Madrid, 6th of April 2011


Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente, S.A. has announced the agreement with the Spanish company Prosolia Siglo XXI, which entails the supply of 5,1 MWp for the development of 3 projects in Spain: a photovoltaic plant in Albacete and two industrial rooftop installations in two industrial premises in Barcelona.

For all this actions, second-generation polycrystalline modules will be used, of 230 Wp in the case of Albacete and 225 Wp in Barcelona, which have the international certificate for its commercialization in Europe (TÃœV), United Kingdom (MCS) and USA (UL 1703) and also have a higher resistance to the corrosion passing the salt mist corrosion test IEC 61701. The projects will be carried out and implemented throughout the present year.

Prosolia Siglo XXI is a leading company in the engineering sector and a key supplier of the photovoltaic plants, acknowledged to exploit the 100% of the natural resources in the construction of its non polluting energetic systems.


About Solaria

Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente designs, manufactures, installs and distributes photovoltaic and thermal solutions for benefiting from solar energy. Its rapid expansion and technological innovation have positioned it in only a few years as one of the leading companies in the renewable energies industry. Solaria“s privileged situation in the market reflects an ongoing search for innovation that results in a dynamic organization, a solid financial structure and an efficient distribution, marketing and sales network. Solaria achieved in 2010 a net result of 6.5 million and an EBITDA amounting 18 million (44% growth). Total sales reached 161.3 million, up 81% compared to 2009. Throughout 2010 the company added 26 MWp to its generation portfolio, an increase of 118% in grid-connected power from the previous year.

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