Solaria published its first Sustainability Report

2020 Sustainable Report


Madrid, 8 February 2020


We are pleased to announce Solaria, in line with its sustainable strategy, has published for the first time and on a voluntary basis the 2020 Sustainability Report, prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators, which summarizes the progress made by Solaria during the year, its main figures in non-financial matters, as well as the commitments and objectives assumed.

„We have decided, voluntarily, to publish this First Sustainability Report as we believe that, at a key moment in our development and growth, transparency of information is essential to maintain the trust of our stakeholders“, said Mr. Enrique Diaz-Tejeiro Gutierrez, Chairman of Solaria.

Among the objectives established by the company, it is worth highlighting its commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 14% during the year 2021. In addition, Solaria avoids more carbon dioxide emissions than it emits and states its target of becoming a carbon neutral company.

In the social sphere, Solaria has increased its workforce by more than 40% during the year, with a significant increase of female representation and has met its goal of increasing the number of hours of training its employees have received.

In terms of good governance, Solaria has made an excellent progress during the year with the aim of continuing to reinforce transparency, ethical management and good business practices.

This Report, which will be published annually from now on, is a big step forward for Solaria in its contribution to sustainable development, the fight against climate change and the improvement of society.

Madrid, 8 February 2020

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