Madrid, 24 February 2020


Solaria has submitted today to Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge a total of 29 projects to access to Next Generation EU fund.

The investment of the presented projects amounts to 4,000 million euros, of which more than 1,600 million have been requested to European funds.

All investments are based on renewable energy projects that will include energy storage, smart electricity grid solutions and digital communication systems.

The projects are located throughout the entire national territory, highlighting different autonomous communities such as the Basque Country, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Extremadura and Navarra.

The construction of these projects will create more than 20,000 jobs. Additionally, these investments will strengthen the industrial fabric of our country favouring a sustainable energy transition.

Enrique Diaz-Tejeiro, President of Solaria, said:

“It would be a great news for Spain to be able to use part of the European recovery funds to accelerate the energy transition of Spain and provide the country with a smart electricity grid. These funds will allow the introduction of batteries in our photovoltaic plants ahead of schedule, which will undoubtedly contribute not only to the improvement of the solar offer but also to the improvement of the stability of the grid”.

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