Madrid, 4th January 2012


The Solaria Energía and Medio Ambiente Group, has started the development of a 1MW rooftop installation by means of the acquisition of the construction and commercial rights from Orisol Corporación Energética S.A. This project that will become part of the power generation assets of the company is located in the municipality of Macael in Almería (Spain).

Solaria will install its second generation PV modules on the rooftop of 10 different warehouses with a nominal power of 100kWp each. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the first semester 2012.

With this investment, Solaria continues to bet on the Spanish PV market, which is characterized by its level of maturity and volatility, as one of the key markets in its power generation portfolio expansion. Solaria`s efficiency and competitiveness levels enables the company to take the advantage of this market potential opportunities, where several areas with high irradiation levels are already reaching the grid parity.

On the other hand, the shift of trends in Spanish market from field installations to commercial and industrial rooftop installations, place Solaria in a privileged position due to its knowledge and experience as one of the leader operators of solar plants in Spain, where the company owns more than 22 MW.

With this new project, Solaria continues developping its strategy of investing in its power generation assets. Furthermore, the company owns more than 54 MW generation plants in different European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic, for a recurrent income that guarantees strong financial capacity in such a dynamic industry.


Nowadays, the most significant increase in sales remains in the Power Generation business line that amounted 21,2 million, representing a growth of 91% over the same period of 2010.

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